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Innovation centre



Our objective is to own “IP’s”, software’s for SaaS market on a fully digital platform; and to seek possible market opportunities in the T3/T4 telecoms and related MVNO / ISP market for the hosted solution capability. To reach that goal all our activities and planning of the various technical deployment, cannot be done without proper architecture, processes and documentation, Project coordination, User and performance testing. Task management, etc..An intranet is a private network accessible only to an organization’s staff. Generally. Wikis adapt themselves organically to the company’s needs. In comparison to management environments such as data systems or databank-supported systems, they are not tied to strictly structured content requirements.

Solution Delivery



Delivering solution is hard. Applications have to provide input and output which they get through operating system semantics. Modern applications are usually GUI based and a GUI app is orders of magnitude more complex than a non-GUI app. It handles all the nitty-gritty details for you. The application Life cycle, Ownership, versioning, code maintenance and upgrade are all plan here. Our application framework is a software library that provides a fundamental structure to support the development of applications for a specific environment. An application framework acts as the skeletal support to build an application. The intention of designing application frameworks is to lessen the general issues faced during the development of applications. This is achieved through the use of code that can be shared across different modules of an application.

Project management


Our Projects

Project management is one of those things that looks easy — until you try it.
It’s often the same stakeholders who believe that project management is easy who question its importance. The idea that project management is needless overhead is surprisingly common. This idea is most prominent in small organizations and organizations that are new to project management. Stakeholders who are accustomed to cowboy approaches to project management are often resistant to a comprehensive methodology. Stakeholders may see project management as bureaucratic nonsense. In other words, that project management is paperwork that gets in the way of getting things done. Often the best way to sell the value of project management is with a back-to-basics look at its importance. Project management is important for several reasons.

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