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Interface and UI Overview


Q-Edge is accessible via the This is the Quintica Intranet.
Once you access the portal, you will be presented with Home page, where you can access innovation center, Solution delivery, My workspace and Account. You also have access to the floating menu on your left side of all pages, this gives you access to additional menu options. For first time users, please go to the Account menu to register your account.

Available Functions and Interfaces
- Document repository
- Task management
- Solution delivery
- Project Management
- Kanban Board
- External links (CXp-GO, Slack, Office, Sharepoint, etc..)

Account Details

The Account window gives you quick access to settings and tools that let you customize your account profile, change password, etc...


Document Management


Document Management module enable you to track, manage and store documents. To access the Document module, you need to login first. Once you logged in you can add, delete and download the file from this module.

Task Management

Task Management enable you to manage individual goals. Tasks are also differentiated by complexity, from important, normal, to low. You can view current and completed task list from task management module.Y
Task List
Completed Task list
My Task

Team Kanban Board

Kanban board is for team collaboration effort based on agile framework.You can change the status of the task from in progress to completed. Team members can also see the progress of each other’s tasks.

Team Kanban Board Overview
Team Kanban Board Full Screen

Project Management

Project Management lets you collaborate, keep track of project activities, milestones and report on project.

Project Overview
Project Milestone

Solution Delivery

How to use test management

This module is used to manage test cases, to perform and tract test activities progress. Once you logged in to Q-Edge portal from the home page, click Solution delivery,then go to Test management to access the test cases overview page where you can view test case statuses and test case progress.

Test Management Overview
Test Case Progress

The Test management module has two sub modules

  • Test planning page: this is where you can schedule all your testing activities. You can view and create your test cases then report by typing the name of the test project in the text box and click on the GO button, also you can customize your report from the Action button.
    Click edit next to the name of the test project to add the test cases list.

    Test Management Overview
    Test Case Progress

  • Defect management page: issues encountered during your test execution, those issues are to be recorded here for proper follow up and resolution.You can view and create test defects from this page.You can also view defect reports form this page.

Defect Management Overview
Defect Management

How to add source code from Code repository page

Code repository is for all on going solution code version.From the home page click Solution delivery,then go to Code repository page add a new file to store source code documents.
Below is information you will have to fill in:
  • Attached a code file
  • File comments
  • File status
  • Owner
  • Customer
  • Project
  • Application Name

Code Repository Overview
Code Repository

How to add software information from Software page

This is the company software repository where we keep all related company own software information. On the home page click Solution delivery then go to Software page, click on create and fill in the software information and click create.
Below is the software information you will have to fill in:
  • Software Name
  • Version Name
  • Date Registered
  • Version Number
  • Vendor
  • Functionalities of the software

Software Info Overview
Software Info

How to add Application framework
Application framework lets you store the information of all available enterprise application and their RACI. Below is information you will have to fill in when creating a new record:
  • Application Name
  • App Category
  • Application Function
  • Technical Owner
  • Business Owner
  • Licensed
  • License Type
  • Description
  • Date of Purchase
  • Status
  • App Components
  • Component Version
  • Version Date
  • Implementation Date

Application Framework Overview
Application Framework

Workspace Management

Workspace are user customize page for team working and sharing offers users personalized access to all their data and services


CXP GO portal is an online Quintica business customer portal that will enabled customer’s engagement and easy access to all our services and products; from the customer request to the subscription and actual product usage, supports and billing CXP-GO offer services to B2B customers, covering the below functions:
  • Orchestration
  • Customer and product online sales and request
  • Provisioning(Product entitlement)

How to use CXP GO

CXP GO is accessible via the Quintica web site or via direct portal link Once the customer accesses the portal they will have access to generic information on our services and products available. If they decide to use, subscribe or access any of the products, then they need to register online, via the portal registration function. Once registration is completed, a credential will be provided automatically via email notification. Upon receiving via email notification, then they can access the portal using the credentials they created.
After they are logged in to the portal the below will be able to access:
  • Services
  • Product catalog
    There 3 types of products on the product catalog.
  • The Cloud solutions
  • On premise solution
  • The Professional services
Within the CXP-GO Overview portal you can perform the following function
  • Services and products subscription request
  • Services and products provisioning
  • Supports
  • Billing and Invoicing


Q-SM-Go is a Quintica solution for service desk on the GO(mobile app).User/customer can create a new support request from the Q-SM-GO.
Below is the Ticket Overview and Create ticket form

Q-SM-Go Ticket Overview
Q-SM-Go Create Ticket

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